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Dead Chronicles is an adventure - action game where you must kill zombies and survive a pixelated zombie apocalypse!


  • Story mode: 24 stages, more to come! Search for supplies, hepl other survivors, clear the zone, hold the horde... and 3 complementary objectives per mission

  • Survival mode: survive waves of undead and try to scape the abandoned warehouse where you have been kidnaped
  • WARZ mode: weekly objetives to be done by you and the community! Win good prizes just for playing it!

  • Tons of ranged weapons: from 9mm pistols, crossbow, famous AK47 to the glorius Magnum!
  • Ton of melee weapons: use your baseball bat wisely... or maybe use the machete!
  • Level up every weapon: more ammo! more power!
  • Character level up: faster! stronger! better! improve and become a killing machine
  • Just two weapons per stage! think and use your own strategy

The game is in spanish and english, gamepad supported.





DC_226.apk 89 MB

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great game good sprites and level design tho fairly simple which I can understand do you mind if I make YouTube video about it

That sounds great! Please share your video when it is done! 

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts

This is a pretty good game, nice graphics, settings and gameplay.

I made a full review in spanish on my blog: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2018/04/dead-chronicles-un-zombie-survivor-con.h...